Kaffe Matthews - Zevende Mixer - Still a slapper
  Year :   2001
  Location :   Netherlands
  Worktype :   7 vinyl
  Materials:   no longer available.
  Info :   http://www.stichtingmixer.nl/

  Work Details  
  Kaffe Matthews is well known for her improvisational work, either purely electronic or combined with acoustical instruments. Her use of LiSa, live sampling software, enables her to work with minimum input. A 30 sec. microphone recording on location should be enough for a whole live-set....and it is. These two 7-es contain 4 tracks and are to be heard as a set. Matthews starts with an atmospheric track consisting of not much more than simple tones... but then again also not... Theres a wide spectrum underneath, arranged in such a way that she actually doesnt need much more than tones to tell her story. The following 2 tracks (a and slapper) show Matthews talent for making the unsynchronised followable. Both these tracks live on an unstable heartbeat so to say, but nevertheless with a steady pace. Although a short track, a has a complete build-up. Repetition of elements over a calm stream of lower tones give this track a subtle drive and atmosphere. Slapper crackles further in an energetic way, preferably at a louder volume. Again this hard to follow beat, but steady enough to give you some sense of a tempo and the accompanying tapping foot. The last track returns to the world of overtones but in a more unsettling way, a good track to complete the circle and leave you behind slightly puzzled...