Joe Colley - Twaalfde Mixer - 8 phased loops
  Year :   2006
  Location :   Netherlands
  Worktype :   double 7 vinyl
  Materials:   first edition of 300 copies.
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  Work Details  
  Joe Colley has been composing sound and designing related projects for some time now. To some known as Crawl Unit, he has been working under his given name more and more over the past few years. Twaalfde Mixer - 8 phased loops is really not much more than that, but not much less either. This title is the unpretentiousness itself, showing you the simple fade-in, crossfade and fade-out of eight loops, each layered in four loops, four sides, two loops per side to make eight again. These tracks shift around and take on many faces despite their mantranic behaviour. Tiny discrepancies between loopingpoints make them stumble, spin around, velocitate, build-up, break down and start all over again. The minimalistic idea of using many sources which lay very close to each other both in timbre as well as in shape, does maybe not show so much in overall appearence but most surely in the way these tracks were made. The composition in them, was created through friction between several layers, given a certain time. Neither beginning nor end are that important, what happens in between is and that is what is captured by the composer. Luckily these tracks dont stick and die at this old and strong concept, but go further and turn out to be energetic and fascinating pieces of music. All four have a propelling drive in them, at times purely rhythmical even, as well with a steady, calm and almost droney undertone. Humms and strings are cut-up by oscillating crackles, rumbles and other hard-to-pinpoint-sounds. Surplus of these works is the steady pace, making them excellent DJ-material as well.