Justin Bennett - Dertiende Mixer - Cleavage of acoustics/ Cacerolada
  Year :   2003
  Location :   Netherlands
  Worktype :   Split LP
  Materials:   first edition of 300 copies.
  Info :   http://www.stichtingmixer.nl/

  Work Details  
  Cacerolada is based on a noise-protest against the Iraq-war, recorded in Barcelona. It wakes up and dies out as any day does, gradually moving along all kinds of sonic occurrences in between. In his work, Bennett outlines to his listener the beauty, absurdness or musicality of the everyday soundtrack hes living in. Originally these protests served a highly political goal, to record them and treat these recordings as a piece, is what made Cacerolada into a sound-object, to be listened to with different ears. The reference to daily life might be very much upfront, though Bennetts work is much more than a highly associative collection of recorded sounds. His recordings easily keep up as complete compositions with a strong musical form, taking the listener beyond what is heard at first sight and this is exactly where the strength in Bennetts work as a composer and sound-artist lies. The so familiar sounding material constructs and underlines compositional shape and development, adding a rare compositional richness to environmental-soundworks.