Kaffe Matthews - Veertiende Mixer - Dissectio/ Environmental Cleaning Moments
  Year :   2004
  Location :   Netherlands
  Worktype :   Split LP
  Materials:   first edition of 300 copies.
  Info :   http://www.stichtingmixer.nl/

  Work Details  
  Dissectio has been originally commissioned by GMEA (Groupe de Musique Electroacoustique dAlbi-Tarn) and La Muse en Circuit, as a reworking of Natures Vives II, a chamber electronic music piece by Vincent Geais. Martux_M, aka Maurizio Martusciello, created a strong and demanding new work out of Natures Vives II, one that is all now. The 3 pieces bounce between high and low - big and small, in a most radical way. At first it leaves the impression that these loose parts show no coherency at all, but as the piece develops over time and unravels its bigger compositional structure, the puzzle is made to fit. This is not a source for instant satisfaction, but one that asks for repeated listening, growing in its powerful dynamics and very well balanced emplacements in a generous fundament of silence. In all its minimalism, theres so much to hear, not a tick too much or a tone too little. Although still just pulses, sinesounds and crackles, altogether they create a vivid, mysterious and in a special kind of way, highly narrative musical work, which pushes the listener between the pleasure of relaxation and irritation because of its hectic structure. This dualistic character makes Dissectio an intriguing work that will keep up fascinating. Kaffe Matthews continues where Dissectio had evolved into; a gently developing and wringing body of tones, showing an almost opposite way of how to deal with more or less similar sound-components. Environmental cleaning moments might be one of her more quiet works, with great transparency too. These tracks often do not consist of more than slowly modulating tones with different timbres, fine-tuned to get the typical rough-cut sound Matthews gives along to all her work. A certain sweetness is hidden in there, but always with a sharp edge. Her compositions revolve around the idea of repetition -or recycling is perhaps a better word given her extensive use of Live Sampling- at different speeds, either with small ping pong-like proportions of sound, or with long sustained sweeps, occasionally shifting gears and changing harmonic boundaries doing so. Environmental cleaning moments moves through its different acts, with great care and without any doubt about the choices being made or the music being heard. Kaffe Matthews is,as one of few, able to write such a play with so minimal means and still fuse them into a full and pulsating body with beautiful organic development in it.