Justin Bennett - Sundial
  Year :   2005
  Location :   Spain
  Worktype :   -
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Barcelona (2003), Den Haag, Rome, Guangzhou and Paris (2005). Each city, each location sounds completely different, but also the rhythm changes from place to place. New versions are planned for Vienna (October 2006) and Istanbul (2007

  Work Details  
  Sundial is a series of works which analyze the daily rhythm of a particular city. Over 24 hours, I make sound recordings in a single location. Then these recordings are edited together into a short (8 or 12 minute) piece that follows the rhythm of a day from midnight to midnight. The piece is presented with a surround-sound system running from a DVD-Audio player. The public can move through or sit in the space and hear a realistic 3-dimensional representation of the soundscape, but compressed into a very short timescale.