Justin Bennett - displacements
  Year :   1998
  Location :   Netherlands
  Worktype :   radio project
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Lokaal 01. Breda/Antwerpen.

  Work Details  
  Lokaal 01 is an arts initiative that exists in two places at once, in two countries at once, with two local audiences. Much of my work is concerned with sense-of-place, either by making site-specific works, or working with ideas of transference, of mapping one place onto another. The project will consist of a series of displacements, appearing in the areas directly around the two Lokaal 01s. FM stereo radio transmitters will broadcast sound into the homes and cars of people living within 10 km of the exhibition spaces. Each month I shall send a new work on audio CD to be broadcast continuously. These works will be concerned with ideas of place, of displacement, the separation of the two lokaals, their local publics in their private homes, and the spatial possibilities inherent in the stereo broadcast medium itself. The works might be made in my atelier in Den Haag, in Antwerp or Breda, or while travelling a great distance away. What will link the series of works will be the two groups of listeners.