Tilman Kuntzel - MAN AT THE LAKE
  Year :   1990
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   kinetic Sounding Object
  Materials:   -
  Info :   unknown

Sound Object
  Work Details  
  This object is to be understood as a design to be realised in the Hamburg public area. To this: The sound sculpture is made of a wooden body and with sinless steel wire. The body is 300-cm high, 100-cm wide, and 50 cm deep and represents the silhouette of a person. Itís standing on a spiral, which in it is anchored in a concrete footing. The wire (about 35 of them) is screwed into a horizontally glued bridge in the upper past of the body. They tower two meters above the body, going through a big hole, 25cm radius. Two lacquered figures are fastened on to the upper ends. They are snapped like small fish-simile to salty Fischli snacks. The body resting on the spirals get into slow motion through wind gusts, through which the wires (Fishlis) knock into each other and give out a mixed-up sound. This sound is then transmitted onto the bridge through the tension of the straight-up, balancing wires, which is then again transmitted onto the top and the bottom (side) of the body (resonance body). The noise holes take care of the well being and sounding of the noises, whose volume is measured according to the rules of the string instruments. They are fixed onto both sides in the form of a walking stick. The noise happening, which varies on the wind gusts awakens the imagination of a chattering fish school. The body-in the form of a dreaming man-with coat and stick reminds us of a seemingly dreaming man looking at the lake lost in throughout. (Or also, who began to dream at the apparent noticing of a small fish school. For this dreaming moment, weather fish, birds, water, clouds, fire, one has placed a monument. 23.2.1990