Tilman Kuntzel - PHONETIC SALAT
  Year :   1993
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   -
  Materials:   Iron, glass, cards with phonetic transcription printed on, light-emitting diodes, loudspeakers, walkmen, endless cassettes, spoken collage 1993 (musique acousmatic).
  Info :   KunstRaum Berlin-Wedding -1995

  Work Details  
  60 cards (4.5cm x 6.5cm) with 60 words in phonetic transciption printed on them are standing on a table; 30 Polish and 30 German. A blinking light-emitting diode is put in each card. The tableís surface is made of glass - with a hole in the middle to lead the live wires to the level below. The table-legs de facto are rusty iron tubes with a diameter of 5cm. They stand on loudspeakers that have the same diameter and sound into the tubes. The glass top lies on the upper end of the tubes, only seperated by small rubber pieces. One can hear the sound of the loudspeakers - manipulated by the resonance of the tubes - through the gap. The coloured diodes regularly blink, but are not synchronized among one another. So the general impression is a chaotic but regular muddle. The sound corresponds with this. Words in Polish and German language sound from each table-leg. The meeting of the words is accidental, because each loudspeaker is supplied by its own sound source. When listening carefully, certain rows of words can make sense, others donít.