Tilman Kuntzel - GYPSIA 1889 - IN MEMORIAM
  Year :   1996
  Location :   Poland
  Worktype :   Sound installation
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Goethe-Institute, Krakow

  Work Details  
  When I was invited to the audio-art festival in summer `96, I went to Cracow for to see the space that was offered to me for setting up a sound-installation. I came to the Goethe-Institute and found the place quite overwhelming. In one room I found a little grave plate in the wall with the inscription “Gypsia, listopad 1889”. It showed up, that in this wall was baried in Nov. 1889 a dog, which belonged to an earl, who lived in that time in the building. That amazed me so much, that I decided to create a sound room in memoriam to that dog. In that room you will hear three tapes, running in autoreverse-funktion. One tape covers the basic-sound, which runs constantly. The other tapes represent “dog-associative sound pictures”. Each sound is followed by silence of some seconds, till the next sound appears. With some little variations the two tapes consist out of the same sounds. The constellation of the sounds appears in mechanic/allegoric way. That makes that the final sound picture is never constant during the endless duration of running.