Year :   1995
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   space-related sound installation
  Materials:   lamps with photocells, sound-producing devices, amplifier, loudspeakers, holding devices.
  Info :   Produzentengalerie, Kassel

  Work Details  
  The exhibition hall of the producers`s gallery is flooded by light. Six big windows are set into both the western and the eastern wall of the former production hall. Thus, during the open hours from 4 pm to 8 pm, the evening sun is shining from the west to the east across the hall and is bathing the white walls in an orange light. I have fixed six “all around”-lamps to the holding devices which are 1 meter long and which project into the room from the walls between the windows. Each lamp is equipped with photocells that are sensitive to light. A sound-producing device transforms the intensity of light it has registered into a sinus-sound. As dusk advances, the intensity of light within the room changes and so does the basic tone. In addition, the latter is controlled by the sound-producing device, so that each photocell can be tuned to a certain basic tone. Beneath the yellow plastic covers of the lamps there are mechanically driven reflectors which rotate around the halogen bulbs, thus creating the effect that gave the “all around”-lamps their name. Since each lamp disposes of its proper small motor, each reflector is rotating at an individual speed. The sensors that are sensitive to light record the individual rhythms and transform them into audible rhythms. This results in the rhythmical and tonal polyphony of the six lamps.