David Chesworth and Sonia Leber - The Gordon Assumption
  Year :   2004
  Location :   Australia
  Worktype :   Installation
  Materials:   Randomised sound files, scanning light, steel doors
  Info :   Subterranean Toilets, Gordon Reserve Melbourne International Arts Festival - Visual Arts Program

  Work Details  
  An incessant outpouring of female voices lures passersby down the stairwell to the cave-like subterranean toilets. At the lower gates, they are confronted with an asynchronous chorus of female voices in infinitely rising pitch. The voices gather and thicken without respite, in upwards glissandi, constantly trailing upwards. Behind the locked gates, the luminous green chamber beckons as a single vertical slit of brilliant white light slowly scans the surfaces. The subterranean setting reveals itself as a point of rupture in Melbournes everyday cityscape of workers, commuters and public transport. The voices recall the mythologies and mysteries of voices heard in caves, where the voices of spirits, sibyls and oracles are believed to announce predictions and warnings from the mouth of a cave. Above ground in Gordon Reserve, new arrivals gather in apprehensive huddles, prior to making their cautious descent into the upward trails of female voices. Accessed 31.10.06 from http://www.waxsm.com.au/gordon.htm