Tilman Kuntzel - Roseboard
  Year :   2001
  Location :   Poland
  Worktype :   A live arrangement of sounds generated by light objects
  Materials:   Algorhythmic Composition generated by bimetal Generators Light objects generate sounds. A live arrangement of sounds generated by light objects.
  Info :   Kracow November 10

Sound Object
  Work Details  
  30 light objects in the shape of roses control sounds via an unique volt-to-midi interface. It is specially constructed for this objects and triggers a sampler. The roses contain a bulb in its flowers. Inside those bulbs, a bi-metal mechanism reacts on its own body heat and makes them turn on and off in a random interval. This informations, as well as the changes of voltage (velocity parameter) are transformed by the interface into midi signals and trigger 30 sound fragments stored in the sampler. In the concert the light objects are controlled (activate/deactivate) according to a certain dramaturgy. Since the interval of shining triggers the sounds, the constellation of the sound appearance happens randomly as well as the modulation of the sounds, controlled by velocity. The ROSEBOARD can also be presented as a self-playing instrument in terms of an installation