John Cage - Radio Music
  Year :   1956
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   Musical composition
  Materials:   for one to eight performers, each at one radio
  Info :   Stony Point, N.Y., May

  Work Details  
  Radio Music is a work composed using chance operations. The score indicates 56 different frequencies between 55 and 156 kHz, notated using numbers (and not using conventional staves, like in Imaginary Landscape No.4). Cage mentions that the work is in 4 sections, with or without silences between them, to be programmed by the player(s). Sources: Paul van Emmerik: Themas en Variaties; David Revill: The Roaring Silence; Richard Kostelanetz: John Cage writer - previously uncollected pieces ; New York Public Library online catalog; Martin Erdmann: Chronologisches Verzeichnis der musikalischen Kompositionen, Schriften, Gespräche, Hörspiele, Bilder, Objekte und Filme (in Musik-Konzepte: John Cage II, Ed. Heinz-Klaus Metzger, Rainer Riehn).