Hildegard Westerkamp - A Walk Through the City
  Year :   1981
  Location :   Canada
  Worktype :   Composition
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Transformations CD 1996

  Work Details  
  Length: 16:05 A Walk through the City is an urban environmental composition based on Norbert Ruebsaat's poem of the same name (see below). It takes the listener into a specific urban location - Vancouver B.C.'s Skid Row area - with its sounds and languages. Traffic, carhorns, brakes, sirens, aircraft, construction, pinball machines, the throb of trains, human voices, a poem, are its "musical instruments." These sounds are used partly as they occur in reality and partly as sound objects altered in the studio. A continuous flux is created between the real and imaginary soundscapes, between recognizable and transformed places, between reality and composition. The poem is spoken by the author and appears throughout the piece, symbolizing the human presence in the urban soundscape. Its voice interacts with, comments on, dramatizes, struggles with the sounds and other voices it encounters in the piece. A Walk Through the Citywas composed at the Sonic Research Studio at Simon Fraser University and, in its final stage, at the CBC studios in Vancouver, with the technical assistance of Gary Heald. Many of the sounds were taken from the World Soundscape Project's environmental tape collection at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, including two of the street oldtimers, recorded by my friend and colleague, the late Howard Broomfield. Some were recorded by myself. The piece was commissioned by and first broadcast on CBC Radio's "Two New Hours." Available on CD! See Discography. A Walk Through the City by Norbert Ruebsaat a walk through the city, sunlight edge and the cymbal crash follow the burning signs, the trail of bullets, the embers dying discarded shoe like an open mouth, a burn on the pavement a house containing three children flashes once and is gone a single robbery somewhere a man is carving himself to death for food day like an open wound in the instant of the newsflash, in the terror of the merchant, in the gleam of the coin, the child's eye it occurs at gunpoint, the barrel laid across the heart murder, the judgement, assault with a lethal instrument the whole city staked out with eyes like a giant crystal catching the angles of light the city borders the skin Accessed 12.06.2009 from http://www.sfu.ca/~westerka/program_notes/walkcity.html