Brian Eno - Oblique Strategies - Edition 2
  Year :   1978
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Deck of Cards
  Materials:   Edition of unknown size (500 or 1000 probably)
  Info :   unspecified

  Work Details  
  Abandon normal instruments Accept advice Accretion A line has two sides Allow an easement (an easement is the abandonment of a stricture) Always first steps Always give yourself credit for having more than personality (given by Arto Lindsay) Are there sections? Consider transitions Ask people to work against their better judgement Ask your body Assemble some of the instruments in a group and treat the group A very small object -Its centre Balance the consistency principle with the inconsistency principle Be dirty Be extravagant Breathe more deeply Bridges -build -burn Cascades Change instrument roles Change nothing and continue with immaculate consistency Childrens voices -speaking -singing