Bill Fontana - Kiribilli Wharf
  Year :   1976
  Location :   Australia
  Worktype :   multichannel soundsculpture / Radio Broadcast
  Materials:   -
  Info :   ABC FM

  Work Details  
  This piece established the basic tenets of his work which years later were echoed in Acoustic Views, installed at the NSW Art Gallery for the Sydney Biennale 1988 and broadcast on ABC Radio. Works like Acoustic Views and Cologne-San Francisco Ear Bridge are large in scale and deal with macro sound elements often relocated across vast distances. These massive installations rely on the already existing telecommunication networks (mostly the telephone for locally based designs, but also FM links and even satellites for international sampling and relocation of sounds). A set of live sounds are collected by whatever network is appropriate and are transported to the site of the installation for relocation there. The sounds are selected on a basis of musical quality, frequency, rhythm, and the very site specific nature of their origin. Juxtaposed with dissimilar sounds from other locations, they create new constellations, moments of extraordinary juxtapostion, a redefinition of those once famliar sounds in their new context. Apart from their site specific sculptural manifestations the works also receive radio transmissions live to air with the composer mixing the multiple sources in a sequence of his own devising.