Miller Puckette - Max/FTS
  Year :   1995
  Location :   France
  Worktype :   Software Environment
  Materials:   -
  Info :   IRCAM

  Work Details  
  The Ircam Real time systems team, created in 1995 by François Déchelle, began new developments based on the ISPW components. Based on the evidence that hardware development was no longer worth the cost, the decision was taken to give up expensive hardware development. As a consequence, Max/ISPW was then re-engineered with the goal of obtaining a high level of portability. To aid in this multi-platform development, it was decided to split the graphical user interface from the real-time execution engine, thus making orthogonal the evolution of the graphical and real-time parts. The execution engine was a rewritten version of the ISPW FTS monitor. Thus the name of Max/FTS was given to this version, which was distributed for the Silicon Graphics stations with a graphical user interface that was a port to X-Window of the NeXTSTEP user interface.