Jon Rose - Violin Music in the Age of Shopping
  Year :   1993
  Location :   Multiple international sites
  Worktype :   Ongoing Project
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  Work Details  
  As revealed in the seminal book The Pink Violin (ISBN 0 646 080032) the Australian composer, theorist and violinist Dr. Johannes Rosenberg predicted that after the demise of Communism and Capitalism would come The Age of Shopping. He also identified two important characteristics that the culture industry of this period would develop - firstly an obsession with technical process for its own sake and secondly, a contemporary art and music world largely empty of any creative content. A culture where the constituent parts have been removed from their context (meaning) and all voices, authentic, original or otherwise, continue to exist only as easily identifiable, sellable product. Content as a recognizable idea has ceased to exist because all the content has become interchangeable - it doesnt matter what is going on providing there is evidence that something is going on - a merely quantative world of massed copies and fakes. All music whatever its origin, status or supposed function would now exist in a digital dream time that the originators of muzak could never have imagined. Rosenberg envisaged the music supermarket of today - a place where the tins on the shelf are interchangeable; the labels maybe looking different but the content (once bought) identical. Placing the violin in a global shopping context does seem to be the next logical step in Jon Rose s Gesamtkunstwerk approach to music. Histories, functions, imagery and meanings are all up for sale in this current culture-vulture project. Shopping is of necessity a satirical piece with political intent. Sonic, visual, and written material has been collected and collated over the past few years in digital format. From this pool of information have come over 60 concert performances, a book (of the same title), 2 videos, 4 radio broadcasts in Australia and Europe, an exhibition (in Tokyo) and 4 CD productions. Since November 1993, the following musicians and artists have contributed to the various manifestations of the Shopping project... as concerts of truely terrible shopping songs and audio shopping lists; performances (requiems) in Shopping Cities; interactive radio events (including shopping soap operas); television (budget horror) in 10 countries (most of western Europe, Canada, Australia, and China), and a book. Texts used in the Shopping book (Violin Music in The Age of Shopping ISBN 0 646 18105 X ) have been translated into German, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Japanese from the original English. Jon Rose decided to shut up shop on this particular project ( it s all gotta go ) in 1996 by which time, despite the benefits of a good purge, he had begun to feel decidedly sick of it all. The situation (the cultural decline) continues to get worse with the internet helping to speed up the demise. There is no evidence as yet for a cultural renaissance. The following artists have taken part in the SHOPPING PROJECT. (The check out queue is not in any particular order): * Shelley Hirsch - voice, shopping seducer * Otomo Yohihide - shopping LP s/Turntables, samples, guitar * Chris Cutler - percussion, packaging, text * Lauren Newton - voice, shopping seducer * Rik Rue - tape manipulations and shopping list * Fred Frith - guitar played with shopping items * Tristan Honsinger - cello, shop for the chicken text * Sainkho - voice, Tuvan market principles * Frank Schulte - turntables, interior design samples * Eugene Chadbourne - vocals on window shopping and garbage disposal, guitar and banjo * Marie Goyette - piano, muzak * Chris de Chiara - computer voice, cash card * Laura Seaton - violin, closing down sale * Melanie Oxley - shopping seducer voice * Amanda Stewart - voice and shopping theory * Tony Buck - drums, shopping samples * Chris Abrahams - muzak, piano * Michael Sheridan - guitar * Jim Denley - flutes, conductor, shop manager * Nelson Hiu - shakahachi * Tokyo Nami - shopping seducer voice * Anthony Coleman - department store piano * Sato Michihiro - shamisen * Sasaki Hideaki - video * Matsubara Sachiko - samples, elevator girl * Uemura Masahiro - drums, lonely heart * Kuroda Kyoko - department store piano, muzak * Grace Andreacchi - text * Rainer Linz - text * Cathy Hope - Bass guitar, flute * Lindsay Vickery - saxophones * Ian Grandage - cello * Marion Slany - is it me voice * The Song Company - lonely hearts choir (Sydney) * Joelle Léandre - contra bass, cleaning woman * Lee Pui Ming - department store piano * Stefano Zorzanello - saxophones * Paulo Angeli - tuba, guitar * Fabrizio Spera - drums * Luca Venitucci - keyboards, accordian * Pinotto Fava - shop assistant * Sabine Sacchi - shop manager * Christiane Ghittori - shop assistant * Georges Dupuis - cybershopper and hypertext * Martial Salvi - shop manager * Silvia Vas - actress * Holger Gotha - actor * Ensemble D Accord - shopping choir (Vienna) * Josef Klammer - shopping samples * Ferdinand Stahl - video * Mika Sairanen - bad shopping vocals * Antti Ikonen - keyboards * The Weimar Bach Choir and Orchestra * Max Savikangas - violin and violin only orchestras featuring some 60 students from the music schools of Innsbruch, Saarbrücken, and Vienna