Year :   1993
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Exterior Installation
  Materials:   -
  Info :   ground monument of Haskenau; WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk).

  Work Details  
  Fähndrich’s space art takes architectural principles into account. A few years ago, with his installation in the garden of Hannover-Herrenhausen (Germany), the musician followed the rigorous symmetry and the idea of ensemble typical of the baroque period, whereas in the Carolingian Haskenau, he puts the emphasis on the tendency to create individual pieces of art, reflecting the spirit of this epoch. And yet, the ten spots relate to each other through their musical messages, through the sine sounds Fähndrich makes swing, that overlap – and go with the rough Westphalian wind. For a music connoisseur, the composer creates highly complex patterns. Or expressed in a slightly distorted wood-metaphor: a severe music connoisseur gets only the tough nut to crack in Fähndrich’s composition whereas a simple listener can enjoy it without remorse ... ... One might say that Fähndrich’s composing art consists of dry undergrowth music: here a withered cracking, there a hollow thumping, now a knocking, then a rumbling. And those sounds, wonderful and soft. Christian Thomas, Frankfurter Rundschau