Hans Peter Kuhn - Five Floors
  Year :   1992
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Installation
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Angel Square London, Artangel London

  Work Details  
  The installation took place in all five floors of a new built office building in London, right above the Angel subway stop. The visitors went by elevator from site to site. The seperation of the sounds between the single was so good, that no neighbouring sounds were heard. Each floor had its own sound- and lightworld.1st floor: Elements The space was completely dark and the audience could only be in a limited area around the entrance. Every now and then a bright flash and a loud noise appeared. The introduction of the elements of hearing and seeing.2nd floor: Formal On 8 columns in a diagonal line through the space 8 loud speakers were playing short impulsive sounds that travelled along the line at a high speed. Each move was followed by a pause of silence.3rd floor: Jungle In each of the 14 corners of the room a loudspeaker was situated. Sounds from the city played frequently. Sometimes one at a time, sometimes several or all of them simultaneously. Flourescent tubes and cables coming out of the outlets in the floor were lying on the ground.4th floor: Inside The only floor with a carpet. This made it be perfect as a meditation site, where one could lay down and listen to the sounds. 4 speakers at 4 different locations played back the sounds of heavy industrial machinery and the columns that carry the ceiling were lit in four different colours.5th floor: Silent Museum of Sounds The 5th floor was different from the others. It had 54 windows with wooden windowbenches which looked a bit like museum cabinets. An object that once in its former life made sounds was placed into each of the windows, lit by a small halogene lamp: a dead fly, a postcard of the Beatles, false teeth, a pin, an exploded cracker... No sounds were to be heard.