Hans Peter Kuhn - Inde (Klangtaeppe)
  Year :   2005
  Location :   Denmark
  Worktype :   Light and sound installation
  Materials:   Felt, fluorescent lamps, loudspeakers, electr
  Info :   Kunsthallen Brandts, Odense

  Work Details  
  63 loudspeakers are arranged in a certain grid in a darkened, empty exhibition hall, of which the floor is completely covered with thick felt. The electric cables run under the felt and the loudspeakers seem to float a little over the floor. Each of the loudspeakers transmits sounds distributed by a computerized system. The felt on the floor dampens the sounds of the audience, and its softness invites one to sit or lie down to listen to the sound composition. The fluorescent lamps radiate only downward, which reduces the brightness of the room. The light is cool and static and thus stands in contrast to the tone structures, taken from natural sounds, which weave through the room through the grid of loudspeakers. The sound composition creates a SpaceSoundImage that can be heard in several places at the same time, creating a different impression in each place. The narrative aspect of what is heard recedes into the background and hearing itself, as perception of the surrounding world, becomes the actual event.