Ryoji Ikeda - dataphonics
  Year :   2006
  Location :   France
  Worktype :   Radio Program Series
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Radio France 93.5 FM, FR

  Work Details  
  dataphonics [radio program series] consists of 10 six-minutes segments, each one is narrow-focused into a single parameter that is one of the significant elements what music/sound is. the approach is in-between conventional composition and scientific research - with a microscopic engineering method and a certain aesthetic point of view by the artist. the series is also an homage to Pierre Scheaffers Solfege de lobjet sonore, however, which never merely retraces his work, its concept deeply lies todays 0s and 1s situation and seek a possibility to materialize the invisible domain of totally-pure-digital-data. at the end of the 10 compositions, a long composition will be broadcasted as the final result of this project, an artistic demonstration of the investigation about the fundamental concept of digital, data of sound, sound of data.