Brandon LaBelle - Active Refuse
  Year :   2005
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   -
  Materials:   -
  Info :   exploring sanitation systems in Berlin, with a presentation at the studio of Erik Göngrich

  Work Details  
  In collaboration with Ken Ehrlich.. In July 2003, E+L completed a short residency at Hull Time Based Arts, U.K. where they mapped food distribution in the city and created a performance-picnic as the culmination of the research. E+L are now interested in looking into urban development in Berlin and thinking about food, food waste and specifically ginger, which was the ingredient which came from an unknown location in the last project. With every other ingredient, E+L were able to identify the location of origin and shipping... Ginger was the only unknown. Traveling to Berlin, ginger will function as the operative ingredient: as the unknown in Hull, it leads us to explore the underside to food distribution: waste management. Taking cues from a Douglas Huebler piece created in 1969 (Location Piece #13 - in which the artist buried three jugs of water in various locations in the Mojave desert, as remedy for future thirst), E+L will map recent urban development sites in Berlin, as indications of architectural production, along with sites of waste and waste management. Through such a dichotomy, the relation between the built environment and waste management will be juxtaposed, with the ultimate aim of bringing into relief the inherent co-production occurring between objects of urban vision and the debris left-over. This mapping procedure will eventually dictate proposed locations for the planting of ginger plants - ginger has long been used as an active remedy, aiding in digestion and intestinal blockage, and will come to function as coordinates in the city demarcating the project. (As a kind of shadow, it is worth mentioning gingers use within sado-mashochism; called figging, ginger and its stinging juices are used to stimulate the rectum and anal passage.) In its most distilled sense, the project is a series of overlapping mapping systems that will generate thinking about urban development, waste and consumption and a humble proposal for ginger cultivation in both public and private spaces.