Brandon LaBelle - Active Ingredient
  Year :   2003
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   picnic performance
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Hull Art Lab, Hull

  Work Details  
  In collaboration with Ken Ehrlich. Come and join us for tasty morsels and cool drinks. We will be serving up fish tacos á la Hull, sumptuously prepared with participatory audio accompaniment. In person, or streaming live, along the beautiful River Hull corridor. This project took the form of a picnic to be staged at Hull Time Based Arts headquarters. The picnic functioned as a live event in which participants “perform” their role as consumers of information and food. Local economies were traced through the very act of organizing the picnic: purchasing food, shopping at local grocers, etc., provide dthe opportunity to inquire into local food distribution policy, structures, and economies—this was traced through a highly personalized method: by using our experience as “outsiders” in need of supplies, we came into contact with local structures, which will provide the picnic with the raw material of its performativity: through the very act of consumption, as a participant in the picnic/event, the individual body was underscored as implicit in the larger infrastructures of local economy/food distribution—the intake (and eventual outtake) of food products, lends support to the infrastructure of food economy, from agriculture to packaging to production to ultimate distribution and purchase of food products.