Brandon LaBelle - Concert
  Year :   2004
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Video
  Materials:   Double video work presented on three monitors
  Info :   Singuhr - Hörgalerie in Parochial Berlin September 22 - October 31

  Work Details  
  The first video consists of finding people in spatial situations: sitting at a cafe table, waiting in line, walking through an open square, sitting in an open window, going up an escalator. The second and third videos act as translations of the first: I asked various people to listen to the sounds of the first video, without seeing the corresponding images, and attempt to describe what they are hearing - to tell us the scene, the location, the time and atmosphere.The final work is presented as a trio, with the first video in the center, bracketed by peoples responses. The only sound is that of the second and third videos, which replaces the original soundtrack in favor of people’s vocal descriptions. The work forms a play of place and its aural life by recasting the urban environment with personal portraits.