Brandon LaBelle - urban click / social cut
  Year :   2005
  Location :   France
  Worktype :   Web Project
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  Work Details  
  In February of 2005 a workshop was organized in collaboration with Apo33 in Nantes with the specific aim of initiating a project that would relate itself, and the workshop participants, to the life of the city. This was developed in response, and in conjunction with, the current transformations taking place in the city of Nantes, with the redevelopment of its central island Territory from old industries related to shipping and trade to contemporary business, including cultural centres and governmental offices. Working with a group of participants from Nantes, the workshop developed into mappings in which the confrontation with difference was traced and marked. Participants were asked to consider experiences in which information was indecipherable, signs unreadable, phenomena foreign to their understanding. What resulted were forms of traversing the city in which how we might locate the city of Nantes through elements which rupture the idea of it being a single entity. Through such temporal and fleeting instances, a picture of Nantes appears according to the experiential: witnessing arguments on the street, feeling unease in the face of oncoming traffic, sensing changes in electro-magnetic energy, or following distant voices of lost histories... Difference in this regard operates as confrontation, recognition, and witnessing that possibly creates space for the unknown. From this perspective, difference is a form of interface giving voice to the urban click and the social cut: where one thing or person relates to another, makes connection, negotiates boundaries, or creates conversation, however difficult or fleeting. Working with the maps produced in the workshop, this web-site acts as a means of presenting participants findings and observations. Compiling the information acquired from the individual mappings, and organizing this into a single form, necessarily runs the risk of diluting the personalized perspective the workshop aimed to stimulate. The formation of this web-site thus aims to reproduce the workshop activity on the part of the user: stimulating forms of navigation through multiple routes, complicating a user mode of reading the map of the city, and adding elements of audible instrumentation, all function to re-present the city of Nantes while structuring itself through a vocabulary of urban experience.