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Philip H. Sherburne - Flavorpill NYC –July 5 - 11, 2005 Flavourpill LONDON -12-18 July, 2005 PAGE BURNER: Vibrö With print magazines hobbling along, web publications have generally stolen their fire. But a few enterprising outfits are sticking with a brick 'n mortar model to extend the periodical to an audio format. A bit like New York's Relay Project, Paris' Vibrö is a quarterly journal of sound art released on CD, featuring a range of ambitious audio projects ranging from field recordings to grating noise. Each issue is loosely themed; the current edition addresses "Broken Tales" in the form of travel diaries, radio plays, and cyborg constructions from artists like Scanner, Alejandra & Aeron, and Ryoji Ikeda. Check Vibrö's site to order the magazine, and grab some free downloads while you're there. (PHS) UK Rob Young THE WIRE January 04 Vibrö N°2: The Broken Tales Issue (Vibrö/Avence) is an admirable collection of riffs on the notion of audio collage that looks for more fluid and layered strategies than the tired jumpcut. Scanner’s “Opening Frame3 extracts his recent Antonioni soundtrack, 52 Spaces, an exercise in sustained tension with no release. Parisian duo RadioMentale supply a 16 minutes ‘radio play’ loaded with quotes from Fellini’s oeuvre, an evocative dislocated sequence. More audio drama comes from Alejandra & Aeron, with an installation piece about a lost cat, and one of Aki Onda’s cassette diary snip-ups. Artist and Audio Arts founder William Furlong supplies a superb sound piece, “Burnt Cakes”, collated from the BBC’s library of incidental sound effects, combined with schoolchildren’s experiments with sound creation. And in the extraordinary “Wuzzy Fuzzy Quotes A3, Goran Vejvoda takes a novel approach to sonic plunder by climbing in among his quoted sources and adding a curt commentary voice, cueing in short cuts by Joseph Beuys, dadaist sound poets and others in a pan-historical ‘conversation’ from speaker to speaker. Abstract electronica pieces like Michael Guillet’s “!Lost!”, _ER_A_D_A_G_E’s “What Is Playing Is Played” and Jopo Stereo’s “Étude Electronique Pour Violon & Marimbas” provide satisfying and contemplative interludes, making an exceptional, forward looking and well paced compilation. Anne Hilde Neset THE WIRE January 04 Vibrö is not a Swedish sex toy but a “sonic object at the crossroads of an art multiple and a specialised magazine” vibrofiles (, released every quarter in a box, includes a CD compilation and information about the artists released. The label has released tracks by artists such as Rioji Ikeda, Chris Watson and Mika Vainio, and its latest issue is reviewed in this month Compiler. Their site is an ambitious addition to the project. Get MP3 downloads, read interviews with sound artists and musicians William Furlong, Aki Onda, Scanner and Matmos, a section containing reviews of sound art exhibitionss around the globe, as well as a regular feature, Soundbites, in which artists answer a handful of predetermined questions. Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) October 04 Just before you have spent all your Christmas money, it's worth searching out the second edition of Vibro Files, entitled 'The Broken Tales Issue,' a seductively packaged CD/book set. Referencing fragmented narratives with nods to films, plays and travel diaries. 'Broken Tales' offers a sampler of works from Alexandra & Aeron, Aki Onda, Ryoji Ikeda, William Furlong, Serge Comte and Radiomentale. It's perfect material to build up your library of essential recordings – Granular News -Vibrö-sonic art files ...terly At the crossroads of the art multiple and the specialised magazine, -Vibrö is a 'sonic object', created to testify of years of electroacoustic and lo-fi experiments, but also to reflect the growing presence of sound in the art world - from Futurist & Dadaist performances to recent major exhibitions dedicated to the practice (The Shape of Sound, NYC - Sonic Boom, London- Sonic Process, Paris) Published on a thematic CD-zine format, Vibrö- is meant to be: - A locus gathering major names in sonic arts to render experiments in this field more accessible & available. -A springboard for newcomers. - A portable sound gallery acting as an ambient soundtrack for a wide range of spaces. - A reference audio archive for professionals and amateurs. Artwords UK Vibro: The tuO-edisnI Issue No.1 bi-annual The act of listening, as John Cage pointed out, is in fact an act of composing. The starting point for this first Vibrö compilation, The Inside-Out Issue, is the place where listening and composing intersect. To listen to these 12 pieces is to follow clues and reach conclusions, respond and react, receive and transmit. We start outside and wind up inside. Dinahbird's "SuperEgo" is a meditation on megalomania, which is itself a kind of megalomania on her part and ours. Chris Watson's "unidentified birds" sound like talented robot musicians imitating birds. Mika Vainio's needle arriving at the end of a record will bring many of us back to our own auditory awakenings. At some point during all this listening and composing, we're likely to uncover a new idea or two. Which brings us back to John Cage, who said, "I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones." -Randall Koral Includes works by Dinahbird, Chris Watson, Project Dark, Alex Hamburger, Remedios Ayala + Paco Balbuena, Frederick Galiay, Mika Vainio, Vincent Epplay, Cela Etant, Loris Greaud, David Toop, Trio Cutty Sark Smallfish Records Newsletter March 2004 various - the inside-out issue – vibrö - cd (no.1/spring 2004) A cross between an art piece and a specialised magazine, vibro is a chronicle of electroacoustic and lo-fi experimentation, published four times a year by a team of artists and journalists based in Paris. Expertly packaged in a cardboard outer box, with a large number of inlays inside forming the magazine element, and contributions on the cd from the likes of Project Dark, Mika Vainio, David Toop, Trio Cutty Sark and Alex Hamburger (amongst others), i'd expect this to become quite successful in it's own niche market (ie, wire readers). An excellent first issue!
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