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I.C.A.S. – International Cities of Advanced Sound – is a global network of independent non-profit Organizations dedicated to advancing sound cultures, music and related arts. The I.C.A.S.-Network is currently in its founding stage. Several working meetings with the participation of the member organizations have been held in the since 2007. Currently the network is in the process of raising funds to kick-off a number of intended actions for the period of 2009 – 2011. The next I.C.A.S.-Meeting will take place during CTM.09 at the Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien. I.C.A.S. Member Organizations Atlantic Waves festival, London club transmediale festival, Berlin Communikey festival, Boulder Detali Zvuku festival, Kiev Dis-Patch festival, Belgrade Futuresonic festival, Manchester Insomnia festival, Tromsø Les Siestes Electroniques, Toulouse Musikprotokoll, Graz MUTEK festival, Montréal MUTEK festival, Mexico MUTEK festival, Chile MUTEK festival, Argentina New Forms festival, Vancouver Nu Music festival, Stavanger Rokolectiv festival, Bucharest Recombinant Media Labs, San Francisco Rokolectiv, Romania Skanu Mezs festival, Riga Sperm festival, Prague TodaysArt, The Hague Unsound festival, Krakow Ultrahang festival, Budapest Accessed 12.08.2009 from
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