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Festival 2001 -
The festival grew and had more official support from the government. Ten thousand people attended and the interest in all the national media became stronger. Many inter-media works (audio and video) by artists like Carsten Nicolai (Germany) Phill Niblock (USA) and Ricardo Nicolayevsk (Mexico) characterized this last festival. We had more live electronics concerts that were presented with live interactive computer visuals controlled by the performers. We invited for the first time curators and directors from other music and sound art festivals, like the British David Toop and the Spanish Oscar Abril. We had also very interesting interactive installations like "The Fire Inside" whose author is the Swedish Ake Parmerud, and we had a wonderful workshop realized by Pauline Oliveros. Finally, we presented two CD's that are compilations of computer music and sound art works presented in the first two festivals. Some relevant international composers that have participated are: Jorge Antunes, Christian Clozier, Joel Chadabe, Francis Dhomont, Agostino Di Scipio, Gregorio Jimenez, Erik Michael Karlsson, Eric La Casa, Paul Lansky, Phill Niblock, KK. Null, Adolfo Nuñez, Eduardo Polonio, David Rosenboom, Jacob Ter Veldhuis, Horacio Vaggione and Edson Zampronha. Some relevant international sound artists that have participated are: Rilo Chmielorz, Alonso Gil, Rolf Julius, Oswaldo Macía, Paul Panhuysen, Juan Carlos Robles and Rirkrit Tiravanija. References Rocha Iturbide, M & Santamarina, G. 1999. “Ruido...The first international sound art festival” Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, INBA. Mexico CIty breath). We invited renowned international artists from different countries like the Italian Maurzio Nannucci, the Japanese Minoru Sato and Jio Shimizu, the Americans Paul de Marinis, Krystina Bobrowsky and Kelly Davis, the Argentineans Jorge Maccci and Mario Marcelo Mary, and the sound artist and composer Slavek Kwi form the Check Republic. We had also Mexican artists and composers whose interest in the past festival motivated them to make new and interesting sound works. Some relevant Mexican Computer Music Composers that have participated in the festival are: Javier Alvarez, Julio Estrada, Guillermo Galindo, Alejandra Hernandez, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Salvador Rodriguez, Vicente Rojo, Victor Romero, Antonio Russek and Rodrigo Sigal. Some relevant Mexican artists that have produced sound art works for the festival are: Francys Alys, Arcangel Conastantini, Galia Eibenshutz, Hector Falcon, Gabriel Kuri, Machintosco, Gabriel Orozco, Fernando Ortega, Miguel Angel Ríos, Francisco Xavier Rodriguez, Luz María Sanchez and Laureana Toledo.
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