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  Humor y Aliento (Humor and
Festival 2000 -
(Humor and breath). We invited renowned international artists from different countries like the Italian Maurzio Nannucci, the Japanese Minoru Sato and Jio Shimizu, the Americans Paul de Marinis, Krystina Bobrowsky and Kelly Davis, the Argentineans Jorge Maccci and Mario Marcelo Mary, and the sound artist and composer Slavek Kwi form the Check Republic. Some relevant Mexican Computer Music Composers that have participated in the festival are: Javier Alvarez, Julio Estrada, Guillermo Galindo, Alejandra Hernandez, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Salvador Rodriguez, Vicente Rojo, Victor Romero, Antonio Russek and Rodrigo Sigal. Some relevant Mexican artists that have produced sound art works for the festival are: Francys Alys, Arcangel
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