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Pauline Oliveros
  University of Toronto Electroacoustic Studios (UTEMS)
Educational 1959 -
  Toronto Canada
The University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio (UTEMS) opened in 1959. It was the second such facility in North America, with the collaboration of Hugh Le Caine who was then director of the National Research Council's Electronic Music Laboratory (ELMUS) in Ottawa. The first director of the University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio (UTEMS) was Myron Schaeffer (1908-65), succeeded by Harvey Olnick, and in 1965 by Gustav Ciamaga. The latter was one of the first Canadian pioneers of computer music applications. Since then, the University of Toronto has remained known for computer music applications, involving such individuals as Norma Beecroft, William Buxton, Bruno Degazio, John Free, James Gabura, and David Jaeger. Notable among their major productions are the PIPER II, Outperform and the Midiforth and the SSSP (Structured Sound Synthesis Project). In 1963 UTEMS moved into new facilities in the Edward Johnson Building. Accessed 12.08.2009 from
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