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  Australian Sound Design Project
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Aims * Nationwide database and web site of Australian sound designs * Define the field of Australian sound design, identifying private and public spaces. * Provide models of successful sound designs. * Show the variety of methodologies used by designers. * Provide a bibliography of related research materials. * Open debate on how public and private space affects sound design. * Raise the consciousness of the importance of Australian sound design by establishing a presence nationally and internationally. Description Over the past five years the Australian Sound Design Project (ASDP) has pioneered the interdisciplinary field of sound design in public space through its website, database, publications, exhibitions and public advocacy. The original works of over 200 sound designers, artists and composers have been published in sound text and image in the gallery. All entries can be accessed through the browser, by work, artist, place, function, organisation and events. These free and accessible research tools, the text, graphics, video, sound, two advanced search engines and multi-media refereed articles have been used by academics and the public sector to source information, and as a basis for sound courses worldwide. The ASDP has championed audible interactive research and has been internationally applauded by IRCAM, ASCA, Canada and America for its in depth and sustainable data. It has become the premier voice of Australian sound in public space on the net, establishing Australia's contribution worldwide. The ASDP has curated two exhibitions for the World Forum of Acoustic Ecology, including an international audiotheque and published audio CD, Hearing Place. The Australian Sound Design Project, is the first national website and database dedicated to researching and publishing original works and the discourse relating to sound and its design in public space. The project is hosted by the Australian Centre at the University of Melbourne and funded by a large grant from the Australian Research Council. To date, 129 sound designs in public space have been collated and published, using multimedia formats of sound, video, text and image. In BROWSE, designs and designers may be accessed under 'Works' or 'People'. Sound, Images and video for each work are located in the gallery link. Accessed 28.10.2008 from
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Funder Australian Research Council, University of Melbourne, The Australian Centre, Australia Council for the Arts, City of Melbourne