Associated Artists
Simo Alitalo
Ros Bandt
Nigel Frayne
Hildegard Westerkamp
Warren Burt
Peter Cusack
  World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE)
Organisation 1993 -
  Vancouver Canada
The World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE), founded in 1993, is an international association of affiliated organizations and individuals, who share a common concern with the state of the world's soundscapes. Our members represent a multi-disciplinary spectrum of individuals engaged in the study of the social, cultural and ecological aspects of the sonic environment. Within this framework of care for the sonic environment WFAE works in collaboration with it's Affiliated and Associated Organizations to promote: * EDUCATION in listening to the soundscape, sharpening aural awareness and deepening listeners' understanding of environmental sounds and their meanings. * RESEARCH AND STUDY of all aspects of the soundscape. Some examples would be: monitoring and evaluating actions affecting and altering the quality of the sonic environment, studying the effects of technology on the acoustic environment,. studying the significance of the electro-acoustic media (radio, TV, background and foreground music, etc.) and their ever increasing presence in the soundscape. studying attitudes towards silence in different cultures. * PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTING information and research on Acoustic Ecology. * PROTECTING AND PRESERVING existing natural soundscapes and times and places of quiet. . * DESIGNING AND CREATING healthy and acoustically balanced sonic environments..
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