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  Klang Haus
Gallery 200? -
"sound art is becoming one of the most important currents of the art 21. Century ." (Peter Weibel) The Klanghaus is an international center for sound art, a forum for creative developments, on the subtle principle of the auditive perception and its subsequent sensory treatment. The building constructed from brick, concrete and glass has a surface area of 17m x 8m and is divided into two floors, consisting of entrance hall, Tonstudio, area of the silence, the exhibition and concert hall. The dargebotene sound art is occupied with all forms of noises, tones and sounds. The interdisciplinary, transnational aspect is characteristic in the area of conflict of forming art, literature, performance kind, media art and music. Annually changing programs in the context of the festival makes erfahrbar sound art "wine-sounded" as complex sensory perception. The urban noise faraway offers the natural ambience of the sounding garden, before the KlangHaus convenient, a singular, concentrated entrance to new musical styles. The sounding house is in the constant process, with which one of the first projects wine-sounded represents. Resuming actions like sounding archives or artists into residence programs are in planning
Bibliographic Refs St. Johann im Saggautal, nr Graz