Associated Artists
Gordon Monahan
Ryoji Ikeda
Ken Gregory
  Elektra festival
Festival 1999 -
  Montreal Canada
mandate of the organization (acreq) ACREQ is an organization interested in making links between electronic music and other visual media. This organization presents the latest aesthetic currents in artistic practice with new technologies at their core. Refusing to be bound by the boundaries created by various schools or styles in the domain, ACREQ mission is to promote only the highest quality work. Robotics, digital imagery and music varying from electroacoustic to electronic come together. Add to this mix a desire to attract a wider audience, to democratise and make this culture more accessible while satisfying specialists with more particular interests. elektra artistic mission Elektra, a high-calibre Montreal-based cultural initiative, presents artists and works of art that align the latest electronic music and visual creations derived from new technologies (animation, installation and robotics). Elektra unites creative media like music, video, cinema, design, gaming and audio or interactive installation with the latest digital technologies. Artists from all disciplines composition, performance, dance, visual arts, etc. all with a common interest in artistic applications of new technologies, uniting visual and sound. Elektra not only welcomes artists from all over the world, the festival also features local talents, helping make Montreal the North American meeting place for digital arts. Accessed 12.08.2009 from
Bibliographic Refs
Funder Arts Council of Quebec, Canada Arts Council, Arts Council of Montreal, Canadian Heritage, Montreal City Council, Moog, articule, and many other private sources