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  Ars Electronica
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  Linz Austria
The Prix Ars Electronica was inaugurated in 1987 as an award for digital innovation in the arts. The Austrian award was originally divided into three categories: Two-Dimensional Graphics, Computer Animation and Computer Music. Changes have since been made to keep abreast with innovation in the various fields. In 1997, the Computer Music category came under fire for being out of step with digital technology and sound, academic computer music no longer being held as cutting edge [1]. Consequently, the competition was opened to include music created on computers from outside of universities. Music technology had progressed quickly and the possibilities for new music creation had expanded while the range of music being explored by academic computer musicians had become fixed and rigid. In 1999, the award changed the name of the category from "Computer Music" to "Digital Musics." This name was meant to include a wider range of possible entries for the award, and the jury was filled with current practitioners in the audio arts, as opposed to only academics.
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