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SoundCulture was initiated by a group of artists and arts organizers in Sydney to advocate, develop and produce a 'culture of sound art' which emphasizes the varied and unique qualities of sonic activity taking place in the pan-Pacific geographical zone. Working with networks of sound practitioners, major festivals were held in Sydney (1991), Tokyo (1993), San Francisco (1996), and Auckland (1999). SoundCulture activities grow out of the substantial and complex history of experimental sound sculpture, installation, performance and radio arts while negotiating current developments in sonic practice and emergent technologies. SoundCulture also takes a proactive role in developing a critical discourse in the sonic arts manifested in conferences, seminars, workshops, and publications. Local SoundCulture groups focus on the development of a 'sound culture' in their region but also integrate their activity at an international level by networking with other SoundCulture groups sharing resources, programs and opportunities wherever possible. The continuity of SoundCulture events is maintained by an International Steering Committee which is made up of artists, critics, and curators. Accessed 25.02.2008 from
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