5 selected statement(s) in Portugal
David Toop Year:1998
Acqua Matrix
Work Type:Soundtrack / Installation
Location(s):Lisbon Expo 98

Paul DeMarinis Year:1998
RainDance / Musica Acuatica
Work Type:Interactive Sound Installation
Location(s):Swatch Pavilion, Expo 1998 Lisbon, Portugal,

Janek Schaefer Year:2002
Site specific installation
Work Type:Installation
Location(s):Museum of Contemporary Art

Janek Schaefer Year:2003
Work Type:Interactive Installation
Location(s):Lisbon Biennale

Keiko Uenishi Year:2004
Two Novels: Gaze/In the Cochlea
Work Type:CD
Location(s):cronica (http://cronicaelectronica.org