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English composer based in York and is widely acknowledged for his contributions in the domain of composing with digital audio media, both fixed and interactive. Not only has he composed many significant pieces, but he has also written extensively on the topic of what he terms, “sonic art,” and contributed to the design and implementation of many software tools used in the creation of digital music. He was educated at Oxford (BA 1968), the University of Nottingham (MA 1969), and the University of York (PhD 1973). He holds an honorary position at the University of York, and in 2006 was appointed as composer-in-residence at the University of Durham, but is mainly a freelance composer.Wishart's compositional interests deal mainly with the human voice. This is most evident in his VOX Cycle, Tongues of Fire, Globalalia, Two Women, and American Triptych. He is also well known as an improvisor of extended vocal techniques. Accessed 5.11.06 from In the past, the quality or nature of sounds used in music was set by the technology of instrument design, and conventions about performance and musical 'expression'. In the 19th century, european composers became increasingly concerned with 'sonority', through development of new orchestration techniques, and new instruments. However, a systematic approach to sound itself had to wait for the invention of sound recording and the accurate computer analysis of sounds. Studios, and then computers, also provided powerful new tools for musicians to work directly with sound. Audible Design In the book On Sonic Art, Trevor Wishart discussed new musical possibilities offered by these tools, and developed notion of a sophisticated art of sound, or Sonic Art. In particular, put forward the ideas of sound landscape (handling sound images and representation using sound), and sound transformation as a unifying principle for composing, traditionally or with sounds. The book Audible Design, provides detailed description of the craft of sound transformation using new software instruments, with non-mathematical explanations and recorded music examples of all processes. Many of these processes (e.g. sound morphing, spectral stretching, waveset distortion, sound shredding, grain manipulation, moving harmonic field filters) were first developed by Trevor Wishart, either at IRCAM, or as part of the Composers Desktop Project. Virtually all processes described in Audible Design are available on the Sound Loom.
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      Worktype Info Year Country Admin
Automusic Site Specific Event - England Edit
Imago Electro-acoustic Composition - England Edit
Jorvik Viking Centre Museum Sound Design Jorvik Viking Centre museum in York England Edit
White Clouds Participatory Project for amateur vocalists, and tape Related organisation - Contemporary Music Making for Amateurs - Edit
Landscape Site Specific Event Calder Valley, Yorkshire 1970 England Edit
Seaside Site Specific Event Yorkshire Coast 1971 England Edit
Wicked Wizard of Whitworth community-school based event Sun - Creativity and Environment 1972 England Edit
Audible Design Book - 1974 England Edit
On Sonic Art Book - 1975 England Edit
Fidelio Music Theatre University of York 1976 England Edit
Son et Lumiere, Domestic - ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), London 1976 England Edit
Red Bird - Bourges Festival, France 1977 England Edit
Beach Singularity Site Specific Event the holiday beach: North West England. 1977 England Edit
Beach Singularity Site Specific Event the holiday beach: North West England. 1977 England Edit
Forest Singularity Site Specific Event for woodland: Southern England 1977 England Edit
Spanner Project for a large group of adults using materials and sounds brought by them New Music in Action Summer School at the University of York 1977 England Edit
Tuba Mirum Music Theatre Gaudeamus Festival, Rotterdam, Holland 1978 England Edit
Pastorale / Walden 2 Music Theatre ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), London 1979 England Edit
Vox Cycle Electroacoustic Composition - 1980 England Edit
Vox Cycle Electroacoustic Composition - 1980 England Edit
Anticredos Tape Composition recorded March/April 1982 in the Music Centre, University of East-Anglia, Norwich. Previously released on Mouth Music LP (Hyperion A66060) in 1982. 1982 England Edit
Two Women Electro-acoustic Composition DAAD, Berlin First performance: Parochialkirke, Berlin. Recording on Voiceprints CD 1998 England Edit
Machine 2 Experimental Vocal Work University of York Music Press 2000 England Edit
Fleeting Opera (episode one, Birthrite) Site Specific Event River Thames, London, in front of Battersea Park and Houses of Parliament 2000 England Edit
American Triptych. Electro-acoustic Composition French Ministry of Culture. First performance: Radio France, Paris, 2000. Available on the CD Voiceprints. 2000 England Edit
Globalalia Electro-acoustic Composition Folkmar Hein and premiered at Inventionen 2004 in Berlin, June 2004 Germany Edit
Memories of Madrid Installation - 2007 Spain Edit