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John Hudak has been interested in sound and music from the age of four when he began to play a variety of instruments. At the University of Delaware (BA, English 1981) and Naropa Institute for the Arts (1979), he studied video, photography, creative writing and dance. He then began to create taped soundtracks for his solo performance art pieces. In recent years, he has concentrated on sound, particularly natural sounds. Hudakís current sound work focuses on the minimalism and repetition of sounds below the usual threshold of hearing, sounds that are filtered out or considered non-musical. These sounds are recorded, deconstructed and processed, their rhythms and textures being the basis for aural manipulations. Accessed 24.10.06 from
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Gamelon Composition Various into 13 (Intransitive Recordings) England Edit
Haus CD CS 1985 USA Edit
No Basis for Reason CD CS 1985 USA Edit
There Only Confusion is True CD CS 1985 USA Edit
Blackening CD CS - Sound of Pig 1985 USA Edit
Significant Building Cassette Audiofile 1986 Edit
Halls Cassette Audiofile 1986 Edit
Haunt Cassette Epitapes/Nihilistic Recordings 1987 Edit
Bee Collection Cassette Epitapes 1987 Edit
Andrei Tarkovsky Cassette New Flesh 1987 Edit
455 Gallery Cassette UBCO audio 1987 Edit
Wind Rain and Cloud To Human Being Cassette Sound of Pig 1988 USA Edit
Tomorrow Rings Cassette Epitapes 1988 Edit
Think Cassette Sound of Pig 1988 Edit
Mover Head Cassette Sound of Pig 1988 Edit
For Ivan Who is Not Ivan Cassette New Flesh 1989 USA Edit
Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trismegistus Cassette LowLife Cassettes 1989 USA Edit
Brain Box Double Cassette Korm Plastics 1989 USA Edit
The Time Stream Cassette Collaboration Sound of Pig 1989 Edit
The Clockmaker Cassette New Flesh 1990 USA Edit
Dweller in the Gulf Cassette Big Body Parts 1990 USA Edit
Momentumless Identity Cassette SSS 1991 USA Edit
Natura 7 Record Apraxia 1994 USA Edit
Azoic Zone CD Collaboration Geometrik/Asellus 1994 Edit
Tick Tock Cassette Banned Productions 1997 USA Edit
Brooklyn Bridge CD Shirocoal 1998 USA Edit
donít worry about anything, iíll talk to you tomorrow CD Alluvial Recordings 1999 USA Edit
My Eye, My Sonís Eye CD Generator Sound Art 2000 USA Edit
curtain Flash Project 2001 USA Edit
Tall Grasses CD Digital Narcis Ltd. 2002 USA Edit
May Fifth CD XZF 2002 USA Edit
Highway CD - 2002 USA Edit
Rabbit2 Soundwork - 2003 USA Edit
Old Moon 2 x 3 CD - 2003 USA Edit
Room with sky CD Chaba Recordings, and Spekk Cat#: KK:003 2004 USA Edit
Pieces of Winter Download Modisti download 2006 USA Edit