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A writer, audio artist, and the director of sea-crow media. He has produced over fifty radio features, voice works, and earplays for programs in the United States and abroad. Drawing on his background in improvised music and experimental theater, Whitehead has created a body of radiophonic work distinguished by its playfully provocative blend of text, concept, voice, music, and pure sound. Production credits include: Dead Letters, Pressures of The Unspeakable (Prix Italia, 1992), and NEW AMERICAN RADIO commissions: Lovely Ways to Burn (1990), Shake, Rattle and Roll (1992) (BBC Award, Prix Futura, 1993) and The Thing About Bugs (1994). He is also the author of numerous essays on subjects relating to language, technology, and the public , and he co-edited Wireless Imagination: Sound, Radio and the Avant-Garde, a selective history of audio and radio art (MIT Press).
45 Selected Statements
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If a Voice Like, Then What? voice cut-up - 1984 Edit
What Words Want voice cut-up various compilations 1984 Edit
Zigurrat chant degeneration dance soundtrack and compilation release, 4:38, 1984 Edit
Dead Letters documentary essay NPR 1984 Edit
Eva Can I Stab Bats in a Cave? palindrome drone - 1984 Edit
Only a Rash Wound Soundwork Tellus #3 1984 USA Edit
Display Wounds microcast diverse stations 1985 Edit
Adioradio Radio Work - 1986 Edit
Radio Degree Zero radio play New American Radio 1986 Edit
The Pleasure Of Ruins CD Staalplaat 1987 Edit
Totenklage/Lacrymosa phonetic cross-cut, - 1987 Edit
Twilight for Idols microcast - 1987 Edit
The Problem With Bodies polycast - 1988 Edit
Oral or Anal? Radio Work - 1988 Edit
Rats Live On No Evil Star Radio Work - 1989 Edit
The Respirator microcast New American Radio 1990 Edit
Principia Schizophonica lecture demonstration RRRecords 1990 Edit
How To Pronounce Prosthesis Radio Work - 1990 Edit
This Is Not a Test Audio Work Tellus CD 1991 Edit
Lovely Ways to Burn Radio Work New American Radio 1991 Edit
Pressures of the Unspeakable documentary performance ABC 1992 Edit
We All Scream Alone Radio Work - 1992 Edit
Shake, Rattle, Roll radio play manifesto New American Radio 1993 Edit
Here Comes Everybody Radio Work - 1993 Edit
The Thing About Bugs radio performance/play New American Radio 1994 Edit
Degenerates in Dreamland Radio Work - 1995 Edit
Nothing But Fog Radio Work - 1996 Edit
The Bone Trade Radio Work BBC Radio 4 1998 England Edit
The Hidden Language of Trees Radio Work BBC Radio 4 1998 England Edit
The Bottom of the Mind Radio Work BBC Radio 4 1998 England Edit
Mind, Body and Soul Radio Work BBC Radio 4 1998 England Edit
Mr. Whitehead, Are You There? Radio Work - 1999 England Edit
The Marilyn Room Radio Work BBC Radio 4 2000 England Edit
All About Squid Audio Work Writing Aloud CD, 2:10 2000 Edit
Eau de Moi Radio Work BBC Radio 4 2000 Edit
Delivery System No. 1 Installation Theatre Web-site 2001 Edit
American Heavy Radio Work BBC Radio 4 2001 England Edit
On One Lost Hair Radio Work BBC Radio 4 2003 England Edit
Resurrection Ranch Radio Work BBC Radio 4 2003 England Edit
The Loneliest Road Radio Work - 2003 England Edit
As We Know Radio Work Deep Wireless festival, Toronto 2004 Edit
Fun things to do with Silly Words Soundwork - 2004 USA Edit
Little Tina Radio Work WFMU live-to-air screamscape 2004 Edit
Danse Macabre Radio Work La Halle Saint Pierre 2, rue Ronsard 75018 Paris 2004 France Edit
Project Jericho Radio Work BBC Radio 3 2004 England Edit