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In 1976 I began studying graphic design at the 'Alsterdamm' art school in Hamburg (Gerhard F. Setzke). Since 1980 I worked as a free-lance graphic designer and printer in Hamburg. At the same time I took courses at the 'Freie Kunstschule' (free art school) in Hamburg (Günther Lierschoff). In 1982 I made efforts to enter the 'Hochschule für bildende Künste' (HfBK - academy of fine arts) in Hamburg. I was matriculated in the subject 'free art' in the first run in 1983 by presenting large-sized drawings. After one year of 'orientation' with Prof. Jochen Hiltmann, my interest in combining fine arts and music established. As a result I also took courses at the 'Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst' / Hamburg (academy of music and connected arts) - among others 'analysis' (Prof. Hermann Laue) and 'composition' (Prof. Alfred Karkoschka). But mainly I was working at the HfBK in the intermediate field of 'art' and 'visual communication' (Prof. Gerd Roscher, Prof. Rüdiger Neumann). Here I made numerous music videos within the meaning of 'video art' - with selfmade sound collages and musical compositions. At the annual exhibitions I made musical performances and video programmes with the assistant professor for 'video art' Ernst Mitzka. In 1986 I became scholar of the German/French university exchange commitee and for three months I took my multimedia studies (Prof. Sun Gui Kim) at the academy of arts in Marseille ('Luminy'). Since 1988 my place was the class of Prof. Claus Böhmler at he HfBK. I started working with 'sound objects'. In 1990 I passed the final examination at the HfBK (diploma) with first class honours - and therefore I had the possibility to add a further four semesters of studies. During this time I mainly had contact to Prof. Sigmar Polke and I attained matriculation at the university of Hamburg in the subject 'systematic musicology'. In 1991 I was awarded to a scholarship ('Arbeitsstipendium') of the 'Town of Hamburg'. In 1992 I was prize-winner of the 'Forum Junger Kunst' (forum of 'young' art), which resulted in a personal exhibition in the Kunsthalle Baden-Baden ('Spaces of Perception') (see CD of the exhibition: 'We Catch the Possible'). In 1993 I was scholar of the DAAD (German academic exchange commitee) and by the offices of Prof. Stephan von Huene of the 'Hochschule für Kunst und Technologie Karlsruhe' (academy of art and technology) I went to San Diego, California to Prof. Allen Kaprow ('Fluxus'/'Concept Art') and got into contact with the radio- and filmmaker, object and installation artist Paul McCarthy. Since 1991 I had mainly been busy in Central Europe with installations that specifically reacted on the locality (Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven; Galeria Wschodnia, Lodz (Poland); Udjadowsky Castle, Warsaw; Galerie Arsenal, Bialystock; Galerie Rostrum, Malmö (Sweden); Ernst Museum, Budapest (Hungaria). During the last years I could realize works at the Goethe-institutes in Krakow (Poland), New Delhi (India) and Toronto (Canada). My CD's are distributed in Tokio (Japan) and in Berlin ( Gelbe Musik ). Since 1992 I am assistant teacher at the Fachhochschule Lüneburg (specialized university) for the subject 'aesthetics and communication'. In 1998 the musicologist Prof. Dr. Helga de la Motte-Haber invited me to a one-year scholarship at the academy 'Schloss Solitude' near Stuttgart. Encouraged by her, I more often give lectures on my cycles of works 'Lights and Sounds' and locality-specific light and sound installations and composition processes - for example in Darmstadt in 1998 (spring courses for new music an musical pedagogics), in the KandS gallery in Berlin in 1999, in the Kunstverein (art society) Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen and the KX gallery in Hamburg (September 1999). At the end of 1999 I had an EMARE (European Media Artist Residency Exchange) scholarship of the Sorus Foundation and stayed at the C3 - centre for culture and communication in Budapest (Hungaria) - to realize Internet-specific works which can be seen at http://soundart.c3.hu/ Tilman Küntzel, Nov. 1999 Translated by Roy Eichenauer, Hamburg. Accessed 1.11.06 from http://soundart.c3.hu/pages/vita/vi6E.html
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Objects from the cyclus LIGHTS and SOUNDS - ALLEGORY OF A DESK LAMP SYNAESTHETIC OBJECT ZEPPELIN Sound Art Festival Barcelona 1987 Germany Edit
THE SOUNDING WASHING BAGS Installation Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg -1990 1987 Germany Edit
WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH GOTTFRIED DUTTWEILER? Soundmobile Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg 1988 Germany Edit
EARTH SOUND Sounding Object Art House, Hamburg 1988 Germany Edit
MAN AT THE LAKE kinetic Sounding Object unknown 1990 Germany Edit
THE SONIC PING PONG FONTAIN Sounding Object Vercor, Hamburg 1991 Germany Edit
SZENE FOR LODZ MANHATTAN Installation Udjadovsky Castle, Warschau 1992 Poland Edit
SENSE OF MISSION Sounding Object Arthouse Doortmund 1992 Germany Edit
THE SOUNDING GARDEN GNOME interactive sound installation Media Art Festival WRO`95, State Gallery of Wroclaw, Poland 1995 1993 Poland Edit
PHONETIC SALAT - KunstRaum Berlin-Wedding -1995 1993 Germany Edit
PEOPLE, HEAR THE SIGNALS Light and sound installation, musique acousmatic. Artist`s Museum Lodz 1993 Poland Edit
DRIPPING MUSIC ON WELSH FOLK HAT - Site-Atione (Construction in Process), Cardiff 1994 Wales Edit
NIGHTINGALE MEETS MAVIS (NACHTIGAL TRIFFT SINGDROSSEL) Outdoor sound installation International Art Center Poznan (PL.) Ausstellung NICHTS LIEGT UNS FERNER 1994 Poland Edit
THE SOUND OF MERIDIAN CROSSINGS Mechanic-aleatoric Composition Center of Metamedia, Plasy, 1995 Czech Republic Edit
THE SOUND OF HORROR VACUI space-related sound installation Produzentengalerie, Kassel 1995 Germany Edit
NO GAINS, NO PAINS - Produzentengalerie, Kassel 1995 Germany Edit
GYPSIA 1889 - IN MEMORIAM Sound installation Goethe-Institute, Krakow 1996 Poland Edit
THE SOUND OF LOVE Sounding Object Produzentengalerie, Kassel 1996 Germany Edit
CELESTA SOLARIS Environmental Installation Sculpture Park of the City of Wolfsburg 1997 Germany Edit
POLYRHYTHMIC SOUNDSCAPE Sound Installation New Delhi (Ind.) March - April and Gallery Rostrum, Malmoe (S), September 1997 India Edit
THE SHOUTING CHRISTMAS STARS Sound Installation Galerie Rostrum, Malmoe (S) September 1997 Sweden Edit
BILLY THE COW interactive sound installation 7/8th Mercy, Hamburg 1998 Germany Edit
EIN KLEINER ROSENGARTEN Installation Mercer Union - Center for Contemporary Art, Toronto 1998 Canada Edit
THE SONIC WINDSOCKS Outdoor Installation Sound Symposium IX St. Johns, Newfoundland 1998 Canada Edit
THREE ROSES - THREE MUSIC BOXES Aleatoric Sounding Sculpture Kunstverein Springhornhof Lüneburger Heide e.V. 1999 Germany Edit
LIGHTS and SOUNDS BY TILMAN KÜNTZEL Light and Sound Installation Music Gallery Toronto and Sympoium 4 Eye and Ear, Goethe-Institut Toronto 1999 Canada Edit
THE SOUND OF HYPERREAL FETISHES interactive sound installation Kunstverein Springhornhof e.V. July - Sept. 1999 Germany Edit
SYMPHONIC GAME OF LIGHTS Site Specific Indoor Installation Akademie Schloß Solitude, Stuttgart 1999 Germany Edit
LIGHTS OBJECT KNOCKING Sounding Object Akademie Schloß Solitude, Stuttgart 1999 Germany Edit
TRIAD GENERATED THROUGHOUT SUN INTENSITY Installation Alma Löv Museum 2000 Sweden Edit
NEOPHONE SPACE INSZINATION Audio-Visual Installation Städtische Galerie im Buntentor, Bremen 2001 Germany Edit
Roseboard A live arrangement of sounds generated by light objects Kracow November 10 2001 Poland Edit
SMASHED VASE Audio-Visual Installation Bodenarbeit für das AROMA, Berlin 2001 Germany Edit
Objects from the cyclus LIGHTS and SOUNDS - Lightbox SYNAESTHETIC OBJECT ZEPPELIN Sound Art Festival Barcelona 2001 Spain Edit
Objects from the cyclus LIGHTS and SOUNDS- Two silk roses SYNAESTHETIC OBJECT ZEPPELIN Sound Art Festival Barcelona 2001 Spain Edit
Three ROSE BELLS Site Specific Indoor Installation Three objects for Barbara Barthelmes, Stefan Fricke, Rolf Grossmann, 2002 Germany Edit
BREAKING THE WAVES Audio-Visual Installation WEWERKA PAVILLON Dec. 13. 01 - Jan. 27 2002 Germany Edit
ROSEBOARD Audio Visual Object J. Manske, Bremen 2002 Germany Edit
DRIPPING MUSIC Site Specific Indoor Installation old bath house in the Pariser Hof, Wiesbaden 2002 Germany Edit
The Football Soundwall Sculpture Sonambiente Festival, Berlin 2006 Germany Edit
Maintenance Measures for the SoundUnit Fan and Soundwall Installation sonambiente Festival, Berlin 2006 Germany Edit