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It is about the personal reflection to the sound environment,the culture environment and the social environment, the sence of AITAR's music is the subjectivity intention made of individual deference, describing the state of realistic thought through those kinds of music we fond of. It might be an on- looker or to praise, or the combination of the two above. Noisey, Experimental, Ambient, Industrial, Electronic, what we do to the sound is making our music containing of all these conceptions. So it still can be the description of AITAR's music. In September 2001, Aitar is producing their first demo EP, which thereafter is recorded as an EP. There first album called "Aitar" is released in December 2001. In May 2002 Aitar starts the production of new material, of which one song was included in the "Pop Music" magazine's "New Music Special Economic District" compilation. Their second album was recorded until March 2003, which was finally released in January 2005. On February 14th 2004. Aitar took part in the "Break Sky" experimental electronics concert at the Modern Arts Museum Shanghai. Accessed 22.03.2008 from
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Aitar I CD - 2001 China Edit
Aitar II CD Label: sub jam catalog number: sub jam 015. track list: disc one: aitar ii 101, sxz come (mhp) 102, factionalism (b6) 103, my infirm rain (b6) 104, miraclulous (mhp) 105, my dreary d (b6) 106, my dusty river (b6) 107, cv les (mhp) 2005 China Edit