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Temporary|Transnational|Terrestrial|Transdimensional) Organisation for the (Promotion|Proliferation|Permanence|Purity) of Live (Algorithm|Audio|Art|Artistic) Programming.ManifestoDraft From Toplap We demand: * Give us access to the performer's mind, to the whole human instrument. * Obscurantism is dangerous. Show us your screens. * Programs are instruments that can change themselves * The program is to be transcended - Artificial language is the way. * Code should be seen as well as heard, underlying algorithms viewed as well as their visual outcome. * Live coding is not about tools. Algorithms are thoughts. Chainsaws are tools. That's why algorithms are sometimes harder to notice than chainsaws. We recognise continuums of interaction and profundity, but prefer: * Insight into algorithms * The skillful extemporisation of algorithm as an expressive/impressive display of mental dexterity * No backup (minidisc, DVD, safety net computer) We acknowledge that: * It is not necessary for a lay audience to understand the code to appreciate it, much as it is not necessary to know how to play guitar in order to appreciate watching a guitar performance. * Live coding may be accompanied by an impressive display of manual dexterity and the glorification of the typing interface. * Performance involves continuums of interaction, covering perhaps the scope of controls with respect to the parameter space of the artwork, or gestural content, particularly directness of expressive detail. Whilst the traditional haptic rate timing deviations of expressivity in instrumental music are not approximated in code, why repeat the past? No doubt the writing of code and expression of thought will develop its own nuances and customs. Systems For Live Coding (some may be pending TOPLAP approval) * ChucK | Audicle | miniAudicle * * fluxus * JITLib | SuperCollider | (GraphicsSpace) * redFrik * The Thingee ( + ThingeeLanguage * noisepattern (part of ) * packet forth * musique littérale, built with Quoth (, in turn built with Squeak ( * Signwave Pure Events ( * Impromptu ( * ( * Ruby,Jsyn ( * Hyperyarn (pending TOPLAP approval) ( * betablocker ( (pending TOPLAP approval)
20 Selected Statements
      Worktype Info Year Country Admin
slub premiere Performance Hoxton Foundry, London @ antispod 2000 England Edit
remote control lounge network installation - 2000 Germany Edit
jitlib live in NY: west nile Performance Polar bear club, subtonic 2001 USA Edit
Dorkbot christmas party Performance London - lottie loungecore 2002 England Edit
code as a cinematic experience, Performance University Of Communication, Sarajevo 2003 Bosnia Edit
Live coding duet (SuperCollider 2) Performance Royal College of Art, London. 2003 England Edit
Concurrent, On-the-fly Programming Language Performance ICMC, ChucK, Princeton 2003 USA Edit
ChucK double projection duet, Performance Princeton 2003 USA Edit
supporting donna summer Performance not clickable v3.0 2003 England Edit
live at Performance Ars Electronica, Linz 2003 Austria Edit
JITLIB based live coding Performance Betalounge, Hamburg 2004 Germany Edit
Live perl coding and drumming duet with Table Performance London Placard Headphone festival. 2004 England Edit
TOPLAP live coding jam of audio and visuals Performance Aarhus, Denmark 2004 Denmark Edit
A Context-sensitive On-the-fly Audio Programm Performance ICMC, Audicle, Princeton 2004 England Edit
Ten members of TOPLAP jam Performance Club Transmediale, Club Maria, Berlin. 2005 Germany Edit
Kurator launch party Performance Tate Modern, London 2005 England Edit
Lusco-Fusco : Paul Dirac Party Performance Birmingham SuperCollider symposium 2006 England Edit
Resonance Fm, London studio discussion Threshold Festival, London 2006 England Edit
Untitled Performance We Love Technology, Huddersfield 2006 England Edit
A prehistory of live coding CD Compilation 2007 England Edit