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Tacita Dean is best known for her film works, although she utilises a variety of media including drawing, photography and sound. She has produced numerous 16mm films, often employing long takes and steady camera angles to create a serene, melancholy, but compelling atmosphere. She has also published several volumes of her own writings, whose themes complement her visual work. Her more recent films do not include commentary, but several of her texts form companion pieces to the films. The sea forms a theme through Dean's work, particularly the sublime other world of the open ocean, beyond the safety of the shore. Lighthouses are invoked as the boundary markers of this perilous realm. Many of her works are inspired by tales of marine misadventure, such as the tragic voyage of Donald Crowhurst [1]. Crowhurst set out to circumnavigate the globe solo, in his boat Teignmouth Electron. He ended up pottering in the Atlantic, recording false positions until he jumped overboard in despair. The artist tracked down his ruined boat on Cayman Brac in the Caribbean. Such relics are another common motif in Dean's work. The sound mirrors at Denge feature in one film. In documenting these relics the artist also documents human aspirations and obsessions, set against human failings and disappointments.
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      Worktype Info Year Country Admin
Foley Artist Installation Art Now Project Room, Tate Gallery, London 1996 England Edit
Delft Hydraulics Film - 1996 England Edit
Mosquito (Magnetic) - Frith Steet Galery, London. Funded by The British Council 1997 England Edit
Trying to Find the Spiral Jetty CD Frith Street Gallery, London and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York/Paris 1997 England Edit
Sound Mirrors Film - 1999 England Edit
Jukebox 1 - Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation, permanent loan to the Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel 2000 Germany Edit