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Composer, performer, instrument builder, journalist, activist, historian, kayak instructor -- Bob Ostertag's work cannot easily be summarized or pigeon-holed. As a composer and musician, he has released 21 CDs of music. His Living Cinema project has released two movies and two DVDs. He has published three books on topics ranging from the history of journalism to art and technology. As a journalist, his writings on contemporary politics have been published on every continent and in many languages. Electronic instruments of his own design are at the cutting edge of both music and video performance technology. He has performed at music, film, and multi-media festivals around the globe. He is rumored to have connections to the shadowy media guerrilla group The Yes Men. His radically diverse collaborators include the Kronos Quartet, avant garders John Zorn and Fred Frith, heavy metal star Mike Patton, jazz great Anthony Braxton, dyke punk rocker Lynn Breedlove, drag diva Justin Bond, film maker Pierre Hébert, and others. Ostertag is currently Associate Professor of Technocultural Studies at the University of California at Davis.
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Getting a Head Album Seeland 516 1981 USA Edit
Voice of America Album Seeland 518 1982 USA Edit
Sooner or Later Album RecRec Music (RecDec 37) Re-issued on MVORL/Seeland in limited edition in 2001. [Seeland 514] 1991 USA Edit
Attention Span Album Seeland 519 1991 USA Edit
Burns Like Fire Album Seeland 520 1991 USA Edit
Say No More CDs 1 and 2 Album Seeland 521 1993 USA Edit
Say No More CDs 3 and 4 Album Seeland 522 1996 USA Edit
Twins! Recording ReR 1996 USA Edit
Like a Melody, No Bitterness Album - 1997 USA Edit
PantyChrist Band project with Otomo Yoshihide (dj) and Justin Bond (vocal). Seeland 510] 1999 USA Edit
Burdocks Album TZADIK Catalog #:TZ 7071 2001 USA Edit
DJ of the Month - Solo Volume Two Album - 2002 USA Edit
Living Cinema Presents Between Science and Garbage. DVD Winner of the Prix de la Creation Artistique du Conseil des Arts et des Lettres de Quebec, 2004 2003 USA Edit