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Bernhard gal creates electro-acoustic music as well as music for acoustic instruments. in his art projects and sound installations, he intends to alter perceptions, mainly by shaping acoustic, visual and spatial elements. his work has been presented in concerts, exhibitions and installations across the world and performed by ensembles such as the china found music workshop taiwan, the newton-ensemble vienna, the kammerensemble neue musik berlin, and the ensemble noamnesia chicago. he has been invited to international music and art festivals and frequently gives lectures and workshops. since 1998, gal also creates audio-architectural installations in collaboration with the architect yumi kori. as a (laptop) musician, he performs in solo concerts and has worked with numerous musicians. for his music and art projects gal has received various awards and grants, including the karl hofer prize berlin 2001, an annual grant from ske-fonds vienna 2002, a fellowship from the daad artists in berlin program 2003, and the austrian state scholarship for composition 2004. when not abroad, gal divides his time between vienna and berlin. He runs the record label Gromoga Records and is director of the Austrian art organization sp ce .
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Defragmentation/green Intermedia / Audio-architectural installation Augarten, Graz Austria Edit
Performance Project instrumental (acoustic) composition Konzerthaus Vienna Austria Edit
Mount Blanc instrumental (acoustic) composition Kunstverein Alte Schmiede, Vienna Austria Edit
Flüssige Musik music project ÖKS and the Kunstvolkschule Pinkafeld. Austria Edit
bestimmung new york Intermedia Studio Five Beekman, New York City 1998 USA Edit
Defragmentation/blue Intermedia / Audio-architectural installation Studio Five Beekman, New York 1999 USA Edit
Defragmentation/red Site-specific installation Kryptonale Festival, Prenzlauer Berg,Berlin 2000 Germany Edit
Dissociated Voices Sound installation, Vienna 1999 / Werkstadt Graz, Graz 2000 2000 Austria Edit
Defragmentation/white Intermedia / Audio-architectural installation Gallery Shigpro, Tokyo 2000 2000 Japan Edit
Of Sound and Time Composition / Installation Parochial, Singuhr - Horgalerie in Parochial, Berlin 2000 Germany Edit
RGB Intermedia Kunstverein Alte Schmiede, Vienna,In summer 2003, RGB was presented as part of Gals solo exhibition RGBuSW at singuhr-hoergalerie in parochial, Berlin. A new site-specific realization of RGB is currently being presented at Klangturm St. Poelten, April 2 2001 Austria Edit
beshadowed instrumental (acoustic) composition Sound Travels, Toronto,Festival Nuova Consonanza, Rome 2002 Austria Edit
Enelten Soundwork Sound Off Festival. Galéria Umenia 2002 Slovakia Edit
I am sHitting in a room Sound installation Durian Festival. Konzerthaus, Vienna 2002 Austria Edit
Machina temporis Intermedia / Audio-architectural installation Franziskaner-Klosterruine, Berlin 2002 Germany Edit
Green Box Intermedia / Audio-architectural installation Musashino Public Art Project, Tokyo 2002 Japan Edit
Klangbojen Site-specific intermedia installation I. Hanslteich, Gutenbrunn (Lower Austria) - July 2003 .(In cooperation with Kulturinitiative Weinsberger Wald) II. Sidearm of the Danube, Tulln (Lower Austria) - August 2003 .(In cooperation with Musikfabrik Tulln) 2003 Austria Edit
RGBuSW Intermedia Parochial, Singuhr - Horgalerie in Parochial, Berlin 2003 Germany Edit
Night Pulses Intermedia O.K. Centrum für Gegenwartskunst, Linz. A Catalogue / CDR of Night Pulses has been published by the O.K Center for Contemporary Art in fall 2004. ... Night Pulses has also been published as part of Bernhard Gals Book and audio CD Installations, Kehrer 2004 Austria Edit
Klangschatten - Klangtheater ORF, Vienna 2004 Austria Edit
UTOO Composition Sound Field Festival - Renaissance Society, Chicago 2004 Austria Edit
belit Site-specific composition DAAD. Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, Inventionen-Festival, Sofiensäle Berlin, 2004 Austria Edit
soundbagism Intermedia Installation Denver International Airport, USA, July to October 2004 Part of The Luggage Project, a group exhibition of luggage art curated by Max Yawney 2004 USA Edit
(Talking) Space to Space radio art Resonance FM 104.4, London Performed as part of Radio Art Riot during the Frieze Art Fair 2004 England Edit
Qui Le Bruit quadraphonic live performance Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London 2004 England Edit
Spoor Installtion EARATIONAL Festival for electronic music and audio art 2004 England Edit
Stimung Soundtrack National Croatian TV, 2004 Croatia Edit
Traces Performance Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana / Earational 2004 Slovenia Edit
zhu shui Intermedia Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg (Upper Austria), Dec. 00 - Jan. 01 x-tract-Festival, Podewil, Berlin, April 03 MATA Festival 2003. GAle GAtes et al, New York City, May 03 Long Night of Museums, Museum of East Asian Art, Cologne, November 03 Kunstverei 2005 Austria Edit
Defragmentation (Seattle) Sound Installation Center of Contemporary Art, Seattle 2005 USA Edit
Hinaus:: In den, Wald. Intermedia Diapason Gallery, New York. A reworked surround version of Hinaus:: In den, Wald. has been published by Aspect Magazine, vol.4 in October 2004. Aspect - Biannual DVD Magazine of New Media Art, Boston, USA. 2005 USA Edit
Defragmentation (Krems) Intermedia / Audio-architectural installation Donaufestival, Krems 2005 Austria Edit
Defragmentation (ISCP) Intermedia / Audio-architectural installation ISCP, New York City 2005 USA Edit
Incantation: audiovisual - Nun’s Chapel in Cork 2005 Ireland Edit
Space Performance unknown 2005 England Edit
Reinstallation Intermedia Festival Electric Eclectics, Meaford (Canada) 2006 Canada Edit
Die Grüne Hölle Intermedia Sonambiente, Berlin, Gallery of the Austrian Embassy, 2006 Austria Edit
Airport Intermedia Musikinstrumenten-Museum, Berlin 2006 Germany Edit
behape Composition Echoraum, Vienna, 2006 Austria Edit