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The early collages (1982) by Zoviet France were even more savage than Nurse With Wound's, evoking a cross between musique concrete and tribal music. The monumental double-albums Mohnomishe (1983) and Eostre (1984) reduced the impact of their "wall of noise", but retained the two key elements that set Zoviet France apart: a trance-oriented approach and "lo-fi" electronics. The tetralogy of "Charm, Ceremony, Chance, Prophecy" ("CCCP"), begun with Misfits, Loony Tunes And Squalid Criminals (1986), marked a move towards a less hostile and more atmospheric sound. (from www.scaruffi.com) * Paolo di Paolo (1984-1986) * Andy Eardley (1990-1995) * Lisa Hale (1980-1981) * Peter Jensen (1980-1984) * Ben Ponton (1980-present) * Mark Spybey (1987-1989) * Robin Storey(1980-1992) * Mark Warren (1995-present) In response to the question where are they now, the various components of Zoviet France's erratic history are as follows: Co-founder, Robin Storey records, produces and performs live as Rapoon. Peter Jensen, the third original member, lasted until 1984. He is now performing cover versions as part of Meltdown. Paulo de Paulo was involved from 1984 until 1986. He now works as an illustrator based in London, for the press. Mark Spibey had the dubious honour of never appearing on a Zoviet France recording but did play live at the 'Paradiso' in Amsterdam, for their third ever performance. Relocated to Canada he was last heard of working on noise-based material with a member of Skinny Puppy. Andy Erdley and Andrew ? were both extensively involved in Zoviet France. Formerly known as Horizon 222, they are now together as Ingleton Falls. One of the pair, DJs at north-eastern ambient events under the name 'Zero Beat'. Zoviet France remain under the leadership of co-founder Ben Ponten, who incidentally, retains a commitment to animal rights.
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Garista Album - 1982 Edit
The hessian album Album - 1982 Edit
Norsch Album - 1983 Edit
Mohnomishe Album - 1983 Edit
Eostre Album - 1984 Edit
Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music Album - 1985 Edit
Loh Land Album - 1985 Edit
Misfits, Loony Tunes And Squalid Criminals Album - 1986 Edit
Gesture Signal Threat Album - 1986 Edit
A Flock Of Rotations Album - 1987 Edit
Assault And Mirage Album - 1987 Edit
Shouting At The Ground Album - 1988 Edit
Look Into Me CD - 1990 Edit
Just An Illusion Album - 1990 Edit
Shadow, Thief Of The Sun Album - 1991 Edit
Digilogue CD Soleilmoon 1995 Edit
in.version Album Charrm 1996 Edit
Mort Aux Vaches CD Staalplaat 1998 Edit
The Decriminalisation of Country Music Album - 2000 Edit
Variations VII Performance AV Festival , Baltic Centre 2008 England Edit
DEADLY CARGO: RACKING THE NUCLEAR WARHEAD CONVOY Soundtrack for Documentary Glasgow Film Theatre 2008 Scotland Edit