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Toshiya Tsunoda is, with a bunch of other people, part of the WrK collective, who investigate sound and space. They release CD's but also do installations. I have seen several ones by Tsunoda and they are almost poetic.From the various WrK members, Tsunoda is the one that deals with environmental sounds. He's Vertov's 'Man with the microphone'. Going outside armed with nothing more then a microphone and a machine to record the sounds upon. Sometimes he uses pipes of various lengths to record his sounds with, thus transforming the sound. For all of these pieces on this CD, there is no electronic processing going on. Tsunoda cuts these sounds out of the larger recording, and thus his role as a composer is limited to selecting the sounds out of a bigger part.'Echo Of A Room' for instance is a piece in which he uses a sine wave test signal and switcher which activites the microphone when the signal is off. The work of Toshiya Tsunoda is concerned with the relation between sound space and cognition space, and often investigates stationary waves formed by fixed conditions in closed systems. He has previously released CDs on the WrK (Japan) and Selektion (Germany) labels. He also works with sound installations.
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unstablecontact Soundwork - Japan Edit
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