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Achim Wollscheid is a media artist whose work over the past 20 years has been at the forefront of experimental music. He has performed and presented installation projects internationally. His work in sound has led to an interest in the relation between sound, light and architectural space, which he pursues through public, interactive and electronic projects. He is a founding member of SELEKTION, an organisation for the production and distribution of information systems. His book, The Terrorized Term, was published by SELEKTION in 1999. (from Accessed 12.10.06)
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      Worktype Info Year Country Admin
Replika_reMaster SoundWork - Germany Edit
unknown - - Edit
clapper system Installation - 1993 Germany Edit
say Installation Kawasaki City Museum 1995 Japan Edit
Auto-Autoradio-Neue Musik Radio Work HR2, Frankfurt 1995 Germany Edit
Der gefasste Raum Radio Work HR2, Frankfurt 1995 Germany Edit
Das unsichtbare Dritte Radio Work HR2, Frankfurt 1996 Germany Edit
Fish n Chips Radio Work HR2, Frankfurt 1996 Germany Edit
big and small happenings Installation ANOMALOUS, Seattle 1996 USA Edit
Kunitachi sound transformation Installation Kunitachi City 1996 Japan Edit
Der freie Fall Radio Work HR2, Frankfurt 1997 Germany Edit
ear as eye Exhibition Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles 1997 USA Edit
triple transformation Installation Gallery Insekt, Boston 1998 USA Edit
10 transformers Installation Droege and Comp., Düsseldorf (permanent) seminars 1998 Germany Edit
Der Laden des Uhrmachers Installation TU Innsbruck 1998 Austria Edit
2 spaces Exhibition Studio Five Beekman, New York City 1998 USA Edit
connective memory Installation - 1999 Germany Edit
Nordpol bridge Installation Westpark, City of Bochum, Germany. 1999 Germany Edit
Installation Installation Fachhochschule Frankfurt (permanent), 1999 Germany Edit
unknown Exhibition Studio Five Beekman, New York 2000 USA Edit
square Installation - 2002 Germany Edit
resolving interactions Installation - 2002 Germany Edit
light curtain Installation - 2003 Germany Edit
interflux Installation - 2003 Germany Edit
interflow Installation Childrens hospital, Bruchweiler, entrance area. 2003 Germany Edit
redlighthaze Installation - 2004 Germany Edit
intersite Installation - 2004 Germany Edit
missing recipient Installation - 2004 Germany Edit
flexible response Installation - 2004 Germany Edit
wallfield Installation - 2005 Germany Edit
Inlet / outlet Installation sonambiente Festival, Berlin Former Polish Embassy, Unter den Linden 2006 Germany Edit